Integration Research and Careers on the Phenotype

A National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT)

Rising Scholars Postdocs

Rising Scholars Postdocs

Postdoctoral Positions

Track 1: Postdoctoral positions in interdisciplinary research

We seek to recruit a cluster of interdisciplinary life science scholars who are interested in research that will foster a vertical reintegration of the phenotype, such that cellular, genomic, organismal, population, evolutionary, community, and ecosystem level approaches are brought to bear on understanding the expression of traits, i.e. phenotypes. Scholars working on any phenotype, from disease, to behavior, to response to changing climates are encouraged to apply. Postdoctoral Fellows will be co-advised by two mentors that offer strengths in different disciplines within the program.  This scientific interdisciplinarity will not only broaden the training of postdoctoral fellows, but it will also foster a culture of interdisciplinarity that can be carried to future positions.

Track 2: Postdoctoral positions in Biology

We seek to recruit research scholars who are interested in broad questions in biology that fit within the expertise that is represented in our Department.  We seek Fellows who aspire to a tenure-track faculty position and who would benefit from our strong research programs and the mentored professional development opportunities provided through our NRT-EXPAND Program. 

Professional Development Training

We seek Fellows who aspire to a tenure-track faculty position and who would benefit from the mentored professional development opportunity provided by our EXPAND Program. Postdoctoral Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in the programs and professional development activities that are being developed with support of the EXPAND program.  This includes focused training to improve faculty mentoring of graduate and postdoctoral students, and the establishment of broader opportunities for professional development training including ethics, work-life balance, and multiple opportunities to present and share research presentations both locally and through financial support to attend professional meetings.  The EXPAND program is also developing an internship program to widen the scope of career training for PhD students in the life sciences and, where appropriate, these opportunities would be available to postdoctoral fellows.

Building a Diverse Community

The EXPAND program aims to create an integrated multi-level training program from graduate students to postdocs to faculty that will further the program’s central goal, which is to diversify life sciences at UVA.  These positions are supported by the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at UVA and are part of an ongoing commitment to diversify our programs, the professoriate and the research workforce.


Interested individuals should contact a potential research mentor in the Biology Department for research labs.   For questions, contact Deborah Roach, Chair of Biology ([email protected]). Applications may be initiated at and review will begin April 12, 2021.